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Welcome to the National Australian Shepherd Association



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A Statement regarding the"Miniature American Shepherd"




  • Angie Challenger

  • Tricia Morley

Founder Members:

  • Jane Bannister

  • Sue Beavers

  • Phillippa Castle

  • Peter Challenger

  • Paul Chapman

  • Sue Chapman

  • Alf Down

  • Barbera Down

  • Sue Flaherty

  • Beryl Grounds

  • Shelia Hawes

  • Vicky Leighton

  • Jenny Leighton 

  • Jem Morley

  • Lisa Pugh

  • Linda Reynolds

  • Pamela St Clair - Pearce 

  • Tracy St Clair - Pearce

  • Roberta Summerfield

  • Linda Whyman

The National Australian Shepherd Association (NASA) is a breed club for pure bred Australian Shepherds. NASA is in no way associated with the breeding of Miniature American Shepherds and reminds its members that we expect all members with breeding programs to breed to the Australian Shepherd recognised Breed Standards. We refer our members to the Aims of NASA set out in the rules, namely 2 a,b and c. The Australian Shepherd is a moderate, medium sized breed and does not have varieties.

NASA does not support the purposeful breeding of so called Miniature, Toy and Teacup so called versions of Australian Shepherds and these dogs should not be registered as Australian Shepherds with the Kennel Clubs Breed Register and/or Activity/Working Register.

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2022 Events:

AGM: Sunday 3rd April 2022


Open Show: 14th May 2022

RoundUp: 15th May 2022

Championship Show: TBC

Champ Show 2019
Champ Show 2019

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Champ Show 2019
Champ Show 2019

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Agility at the 2019 Open Show
Agility at the 2019 Open Show

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Champ Show 2019
Champ Show 2019

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