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Australian Shepherds in Heelwork to Music:

In Heelwork to music the dog and handler devise routines set to music. The sport originated from Obedience and that is essentially what it originally looked like, an obedience round set to music. Nowadays however the HTM routine should not look like an obedience round.

Competitors are judged on Content, Accuracy & Execution of Movement and Musical interpretation.

There are 2 official categories:

  1. Heelwork to music - dogs work off lead in any of the 8 heelwork positions, dogs should be level and close to the handler. Any other positions are Freestyle. The routine should be minimum two thirds or 65% heelwork.

  2. Freestyle - In simple terms the handler is not restricted to the heelwork position and should not use this position for more than 35% of the time. Dogs are off lead and can perform movements in any position.

Freestyle movements include:

  • Weaving

  • Spins

  • Crawls

  • Up high

  • Bow

  • Roll Over

  • Jumping over legs or through arms

  • Walking backwards

  • Hi 5

  • Give a Paw

  • High stepping


Your limit is your imagination. Have a go and see what your Aussie can do. 

For more information on Heelwork to music visit the links below:

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